About Us

When it comes to discussing law, we always like to emphasize its practicality as well as how it can impact people in a wide variety of situations. Naturally, since it is the goal of everyone to use the law in ways it will be most advantageous to them, it’s important to know what will and won’t work depending on what lies ahead. Because of this, we choose to assist in ways that work in the real world, rather than simply discuss legal theory or policies.

Because law can be interpreted in so many different ways, there are numerous opportunities to challenge existing preconceptions as well as have in-depth discussions. In doing so, we can show how the law can be used to achieve solutions that are practical and effective, while doing so in ways that may even stir a bit of controversy from time to time.

As is the case with any topic of importance, there often needs to be a level of disagreement in order to find the best possible answer. Because of this, we expect and even encourage you to push our thinking to the limit on issue after issue, without worrying about whether we are portrayed as being right or wrong. Instead, we will choose to take a stand on a topic and create a discussion that uses plain language, rather than the standard legal jargon that most people expect to hear.

For many people, the expectation is often to simply be told what the law is and what must be done in order to be in compliance. However, that’s not the approach we choose to take. Instead, we find it much more fascinating to show you that although the law may be written one way, it is often applied quite differently in the real world. While we can’t be so specific at times that we can reveal key details or names regarding certain cases or situations, we can nevertheless intrigue and inform you as to the path you must follow to find success. By doing so, we’re sure you will gain a much greater understanding of the true applications of law.

Certainly, we make no claims to be experts on each and every aspect of law. To do so would be not only erroneous, but also quite cliche. Instead, we rely on our strengths in explaining law in ways that are not only very informative, but even entertaining. But to provide the best possible answers, we need the input of our readers. Whether it’s comments, suggestions, or ideas as to how the law is interpreted and applied, relying on our readers to provide their own stories and insight will be informative and enlightening. Never be afraid to offer an opposing viewpoint or criticism, since we believe that is what often leads to greater awareness. So feel free to disagree or challenge our assertions, all the while being respectful. By doing so, all of us can learn much more about just how law works in today’s world.