Thursday July 10, 2014

Democrat Offers Reward for Naked Photos of
Texas Tech Cheerleader

Mike Dickinson Democrat



John Boehner Says No to Impeachment

John Boehner says no to impeachment of Obama


Glenn Beck Bringing Gifts to Illegal Aliens at Border

Glenn Beck gifts for illegal aliens


In the Money!

25,356 Government Bureaucrats Make
$180,000 or More

We work for the government.


Illegal Aliens on the 4th of July:

“F#ck America!”

Burn American Flag

Illegal aliens burn American flag on 4th of July

illegal alien invaders

How much more are we going to tolerate?


Independence Day 2014

A Shameful State of the Union

Independence Day

We celebrate independence while allowing a tyrannical President to deny us our liberty.

Be not proud of what we have tolerated.


Mitt Romney to Endorse Fellow RINO Scott Brown
in New Hampshire Senate Race

RINO Mitt Romney and RINO Scott Brown


Illegal Alien Invaders are “Renting Children” to Get into the United States

Illegal Alien Invaders

Child abuse.


Doctors Threatened with Arrest if They Warn Public of Health Danger Posed by Illegal Alien Invaders

“I don’t think they will believe
what is going on in America.”

Wake the hell up America!


Obama's America

Vet Finally Gets VA Doctor Appointment —
Two Years After His Death

vet dies after two years on wait list


Wendy Davis Not Doing Well in Race
for Texas Governor

Wendy Davis

Seems killing babies is not a
winning issue in Texas.